The Venue

Louisville’s Goth scene is fortunate enough to have a physical home of its own—Art Sanctuary, which is named for its community-oriented arts collective that was founded to support local visual, literary, and performing arts. It’s a massive, 26,000 sq. ft. structure, roughly half of which is dedicated to a capacious, high-ceilinged event facility with an expansive stage and full bar, and in a separate, somewhat quieter room, an art gallery with ample seating for those who’d prefer to relax and enjoy conversation.

Incidentally, in its capacity as a bar, Art Sanctuary is licensed as an 18+, 4am venue. Post-concert dancing will continue until you’re on the verge of collapse, in accordance with our local custom.

Scary Black performing at Art Sanctuary
Radio Arcane Goth Night at Art Sanctuary
Vyva Melinkolya performing at Art Sanctuary
Gallery Space at Art Sanctuary
Art Sanctuary Building (Outside View)
Art Sanctuary Building Layout