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Louisville May 15-17, MXXX
Live deliciously

Nestled in the dead center of the states that comprise the US’s Midwest, East, and South sits Kentucky, and the best features of each of these regions are well-represented in Louisville. Its burgeoning art, music, theater, and culinary cultures, combined with its rich history and natural splendor, themselves, have much to offer, and, oh… we have a Goth scene, too.

These Victorian-era garden cemeteries aren’t just going to appreciate themselves, after all.

Radio Arcane, Art Sanctuary, and really, all of Louisville are delighted that our fair city has been chosen for Convergence 26. We have much to share with you. Please join us for such delights on the weekend of May 15-17, 2020.

News & Annoucements

Single-day Tickets

Single-day tickets have now been released, in addition to the “Convergence VIP” package (full weekend badge + C26 logo lapel pin). Purchase Here

We’re pleased to announce the DJ lineup

The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith), DJ Azy & DJ MAUS (Obscura Undead), DJ Ichabod, DJ Mistress McCutchan, Philly Peroxide, DJ Skeletal, and Radio Arcane’s AndrOspore, Brian Drabant, DJ Kaleidoscope, Osiris Ani, & Sorrow-Vomit.

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: God Module

God Module is the dark electronic musical project of Jasyn Bangert. As underground musical trends have come and gone over the years, God Module have stayed at the forefront of the dark electronic scene… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: S Y Z Y G Y X

S Y Z Y G Y X • Luna Blanc and Josh Clark have always had a passion for art/creating. Josh has an extensive background in electronic music and audio engineering; formerly known as DJ Impulse… Read More

What is Convergence?

In 1994, the geographically disparate denizens of the Usenet group, alt.gothic, decided that at long last, it was time to meet IRL. Collectively, they decided that Chicago was just the right place, and lo, the first Convergence was born.

In the twenty-five years since, it has become an annual party—a family reunion of sorts—and has grown to include members of the myriad Gothic/Industrial online and social media groups it spawned, as well as the broader worldwide Goth community—“friends of friends,” as it were. Hundreds of net.goths from around the globe descend upon a single city for a weekend of socializing, musical events, and various forms of indulgence.

Now in its twenty-sixth year, Louisville, Kentucky’s winning bid means that we get to bring you something altogether new, and yet still, entirely familiar.