News & Annoucements

Convergence 26 Postponed

As the current global pandemic has progressed to this current stage, it has become abundantly clear that the current planned dates for Convergence 26 are simply untenable. Convergence 26 is being postponed until we have a better idea of when social distancing will no longer be the most prudent societal standard, and when we can once again safely and comfortably welcome our national and international guests to our fair city.

Ticket holders will be refunded soon, and the reservations for those who’ve booked within our hotel block will be automatically cancelled.

Please stay safe out there, take care of yourselves and each other, and stay tuned for future updates.

Single-day Tickets

Single-day tickets have now been released, in addition to the “Convergence VIP” package (full weekend badge + C26 logo lapel pin). Purchase Here

We’re pleased to announce the DJ lineup

The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith), DJ Azy & DJ MAUS (Obscura Undead), DJ Ichabod, DJ Mistress McCutchan, Philly Peroxide, DJ Skeletal, and Radio Arcane’s AndrOspore, Brian Drabant, DJ Kaleidoscope, Osiris Ani, Sorrow-Vomit, & Talamasca.

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: God Module

God Module is the dark electronic musical project of Jasyn Bangert. As underground musical trends have come and gone over the years, God Module have stayed at the forefront of the dark electronic scene… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: S Y Z Y G Y X

S Y Z Y G Y X • Luna Blanc and Josh Clark have always had a passion for art/creating. Josh has an extensive background in electronic music and audio engineering; formerly known as DJ Impulse… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: Xorcist

Peter Stone started writing electronic music in 1985 when he acquired a rare PPG Wave 2.3, EVU, and Waveterm. By 1991, the solo project Xorcist was born, along with a widely-received release, Damned Souls on 21st Circuitry Records… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: The Kentucky Vampires

The Kentucky Vampires, a dynamic and unapologetically Gothic Rock band, has their roots in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, and have quickly become well known in Goth circles throughout the world… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: Sonsombre

With a modern sensibility, Sonsombre stand on the shoulders of beloved bands like The Wake, Suspiria, and Nosferatu, while playing a dark and energetic guitar driven Gothic Rock style… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: WINGTIPS

2019 was indeed a banner year for goth-pop duo WINGTIPS, who released their debut record, Exposure Therapy, on Toronto-based Artoffact Records. The duo comprises Chicago-goth mainstays Vincent and Hannah, producing unforgettable music that has already captured the attention of media and festival taste-makers alike… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: Vyva Melinkolya

Founded in Louisville, KY by Alyc Diaz as a solo project in 2014, Vyva Melinkolya is trans-fronted, aggressively ethereal music—slow, moody shoegaze and dream pop with swirling melodies and drum machines… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: The Rope

The Rope formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2009, and released their eponymous debut EP in 2011… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: Scary Black

Formed in 2012, Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Scary Black is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter Albie Mason… Read More

Convergence 26 Lineup Announcement: The Bellwether Syndicate

Formed in 2012, The Bellwether Syndicate is fronted by veteran artist William Faith (vocals/guitars), and Sarah Rose Faith (vocals/guitars)… Read More

The Convergence 26 band announcements doth commence

We are quite gratified to begin the announcements of the band lineup for Convergence 26. Our first reveal: Twin Tribes!

Submissions for Bands and DJs Closed

We’ve been almost overwhelmed by the sheer volume of great bands and DJs who’ve formally expressed their interest in performing at next year’s Convergence, and now it’s time to announce that we are no longer accepting submissions.

Cat vs Bat Podcast

Committee members Tarik Dozier, Lisa Frye, and Edwin Alberto have made an appearance on the Cat vs Bat Podcast, on which they discuss the delights of Louisville, Radio Arcane, and what we have in store for C26 with DJ Mistress McCutchan. Give it a listen.

Official Hotel Annoucement

We’re pleased to announce the official hotel for 2020—the gorgeous, spacious, well-appointed, river-adjacent Galt House Hotel. For details and booking information, visit our Hotel page.